Monday, August 16, 2010

Love and Respect

Some of you may have seen this on my facebook page, but I just had to post it here in case you didn't. A week or so ago I witnessed a conversation between Evan and Lauren that just proved to me that issues of love for a woman and respect for a man start when people are children. Here's how it went:

Lauren is trying to say something to Evan; he corrects her, but is not doing well because he is not grasping what she is trying to say, this continues a couple of times and then finally she raises her voice saying it again as the tears start; he's yelling, "why are you yelling at me..."; she says, "because you're not understanding me"; I had to try not to laugh!

If you are married and have never taken a Love and Respect class I highly recommend it. It has helped my marriage a lot--it is wonderful! The book does not do a class with videos justice--you have to take the class. We went through it I guess about a year and a half ago at our church and if you are interested our church will be doing it again this spring. You're welcome to come!