Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain and Chores

It's been very rare this spring and summer to get any rain, but even when it does rain, chores must continue. I think Lauren had fun running out into the pouring rain to get the newspaper.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

KS Aviation Museum

The kids and I got to go to one of Lauren's friends' from co-op birthday party at the museum in April I think. We've been before, but this friend's dad volunteers there, so we got to see some different rooms where they are working on restoring some airplanes this time. Plus, we also went inside a different airplane we had not been in before. It was really neat--I couldn't tell you what it was, but some of the seats faced each other. Kind of an interesting idea, but what if you didn't know the other passengers you were facing? That would be kind of awkward. Also, those seats couldn't recline. They have many different planes sitting on the lot from commercial to freight to military. It is really neat to go see.

Look What We Made: Patriotic Strawberries

Lauren helped me make some red, white, and blue strawberries to take to our 4th of July party. Very cute, and very yummy!

4th of July

We went to some friends' house for the 4th of July. The food was great and the fireworks were fun. One of my favorite pics below is the one showing some of the kids plugging their ears. The very last pic is Lauren wearing a glow-in-the-dark necklace.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Pool

Last year we had bought a huge above ground pool for our backyard--something like 20 ft by 5 ft or something like that. We tried 3 times to set it up, but our ground is just too unlevel. I thought I had written a post about this that I could link you to to see the pics, but I couldn't find one in my archives, so I guess I never wrote it. Anyways, this summer came around and it hit us hard with hot, hot temps. We've mostly been in the 90s and many days of triple digits so far. We knew we would not be able to get the ground leveled to put the pool up this summer, and considering we are now in July already, we decided to get an easy set pool for the kids. They have enjoyed it for 3 days now. I am waiting for the solar cover Roger ordered to put on the pool so the water will be bath temperature before I get in and enjoy it. This pool is 16 ft by 42 inches, so it's a pretty nice size--especially for the kiddos. It is a tiny bit lopsided due to the unleveled ground, and it is a little oblong shaped instead of the round it should be (I think because our first pool is oval, so we were trying to set it on the oval-shaped sandy ground area for the first pool). We are hoping it will last us the entire summer without any problems and if we find we are still in this house come next summer, than we will have the ground leveled and should be able to put up our larger pool which is currently being stored in our sun room.