Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kansas Aviation Museum

Last Thursday we went to the KS Aviation Museum with our homeschool co-op group. I had never been before and it was really interesting. We split into groups and Lauren and I went with the younger kids and Evan went with his friends in another group. We had guides to show us around and ended up being there for about 2 hours and got to pretty much see everything, but probably could have stayed longer to view things in more detail. My favorite part was looking at all of the planes on the ground and getting to go inside the FEDEX plane. It really is something for Wichita to be proud of.

Cat Up A Tree

This morning Lauren and I were in the school room and all of a sudden we saw a dog chase a cat up our tree! It is very difficult to see in the first picture, but there is a black blob in the tree=the cat. If you click on the pic to enlarge it, it shows up better. The second pic is a close up shot.

Well, we all started pondering what we should do. The cat was too high up for me to attempt to get it down by ladder, and I really didn't like the idea that I could get scratched all over. I tried to reach Roger by phone to see what he would suggest, and then I though I would take a pic and post it on facebook to see if anybody there could tell me what to do or who to call. Then, the trash collector rolls up to our house so I went outside to ask him if he had any suggestions. At that time, the cat came crawling down the tree. I have never seen this happen in person before, so I kept thinking of all the shows and movies where someone has to come with a firetruck, or net or something to get a cat out of a tree. I'm glad the cat found it's way out of the tree on its own.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ice Skating Week 5

More ice skating pictures. Lauren got to move up to the next beginner level to practice more things. Evan was practicing skating backwards.


I LOVE Easter! I always have since I was a kid. I think that I almost like it more than Christmas, but that's difficult to know for sure. It helps that Easter is in my favorite season spring; I love the smells in the air, the breezes blowing, the grass, trees, and flowers growing. I love the baby animals, coloring eggs, and all of the pastel colors. I love how on Good Friday I am overcome with emotion as to what Jesus did for me by dieing on the cross, and then I love to really celebrate the fact on Sunday that He rose again!!

This year Evangel had another successful Easter egg hunt. The kids loved the petting zoo with the baby rabbits, chicks, ducks, pony, and goats. Roger helped direct parking. We colored eggs Saturday night, and then the kids hunted for them in the school room Sunday morning. Then we had a great morning at church and had lunch with gma and gpa Rockwell. Then they came over to our house for a little while and watched us do some yard work.