Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair Color

After 11 weeks without a haircut, I went to the Eric Fisher Academy on Saturday. Several friends had recommended it and spoke highly of it, so I decided to try it out. When I had made the appointment I had thought of coloring my hair, but decided on just a cut. Once I got there, I decided I wanted color, so they were able to work that in. There were plenty of supervisors on the floor constantly walking around helping the students when they needed it, so I never felt nervous at all until it came time to pick the hair color. Eric Fisher himself was there and recommended red, so I picked a deep red color. They only colored sections of my hair more towards the top, but next time I color, I want the red highlights all over. At first, Roger thought the color looked like a magenta like the character in the movie Sky High, but now he says it looks red. I like it. I always said I would wait until I was 40 to color, but I just couldn't resist (I'm close enough to 40 now anyways). Everything cost me $35. It would cost $45 but I had a $10 off coupon from their website. If I had done this at my salon I've been going to for years, it would have cost me about $90. Besides the color, the cut was very well done, also--it's my same style, but the student did a good job. I think I want to go back.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mom's Eyes

Ha! I saw Evan doing something out of the corner of my eye and without looking at him told him to stop. He surprisingly asked me how I knew what he was doing and asked if I had eyes on the side of my head. I answered maybe. Then he said "you better not have them in the back of your head!"
P.S. Evan wasn't doing anything wrong--just a weird habit he's picked up of biting his lips.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last Friday night we went to Northwest Christian Church's family camp-in. We missed last year's because I had the wrong date down, so I was looking forward to it this year. There were hot dogs, smores, setting up tents in the sanctuary, and a late night movie on the sanctuary screen. The kids had a good time, but I'm not sure it's in me to do it again. Lauren and I were in our own tent sharing a blow up mattress that I wish had been a little bit bigger, plus there were some kids that although they were whispering were still too noisy when I was trying to go to sleep at 1AM, and one parent wasn't around to hush them up. Oh well, what counts is the kids had fun.


Roger is back to work after a 4 week furlough. The time he was home was great, but passed way too quickly. We are thankful that right now he still has a job even though he's been bumped like 4 levels. He's also enjoyed teaching a 6 Sigma statistics class at Wichita Area Tech College on Wednesday nights. It's an 8 week long course, and it looks like he gets to do it again in October and November. This class may even extend to Wichita State University. Could teaching adults become a new career path? Who knows! But, he's open to the idea!

Evan at Dry Gulch Camp

Yesterday we sent Evan off to church camp. We know he will have a great time. He's with a lot of his friends and is in good hands with the best kids pastor and a group of adults we totally trust. Lauren is doing good with big brothie being gone--sleeping in his bed to feel close to him. She and I will be staying busy to make time go fast until Evan gets back on Saturday. I'm hoping that the year both Evan and Lauren can go to camp that I'll be able to go along as a sponsor and have as much fun as the kids will. Here are a few pictures--some I took seeing him off, some sent by Pastor Pam from her iphone. A few are grainy and hard to make out, but it is Evan. Not sure what caused that problem. You can see those hard to make out pictures on my facebook profile if you want.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Night Out

Last night was a girl's night out. I love these nights. It's a chance to catch up with dear friends that you only chat with via computer usually. But, it's dear friends that as soon as you get together you are just picking up right where you left off. We were missing a couple of gals, though. Nothing beats a night of laughs, tears, sharing deep thoughts, feelings, and whatever. I just wish this could happen more often than once every 3 months. I love you all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We ruined Lauren's life!

We know that Lauren will be our challenge when it comes to home schooling, and just getting her to learn her ABCs right now is difficult because she simply doesn't want to. Yesterday Lauren wanted to type on the laptop so Roger let her. He asked her to type the alphabet and she told him that he was "ruining her life"!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July 2009

We had a very fun 4th of July!

Drive In Movie

We took the kids to their first drive-in movie Friday night to see the new Ice Age, Up, and Night at the Museum movies. We got there at 7:30 and joined the line of cars waiting for the drive-in to open at 8:00. We had brought an air mattress for the kids to lay on in the back of the truck and Roger and I were going to sit in chairs on the ground. The air mattress pump decided to not work and blow up the mattress all the way, so we decided to let out the air and let the kids lay on it deflated and Roger and I moved our chairs up into the truck. We had prepared for the late night be taking naps in the afternoon. The movies started at 9:20 and we made it through Ice Age and Up except Lauren who fell asleep halfway through Up. But, not biggie because we had already seen Up and Museum, and the kids were in their pjs, so after Up we decided to head on home and got back about 1:45. It was a lot of fun and hope to do it again.

Baby Bird

A few days ago the kids were outside playing and Evan found a baby blue jay underneath our little boat. We had been hearing some squawking and after Roger went outside to investigate we figured out it was the baby bird's parents calling for her. They were flying all around our yard trying to lead the baby to safe places in the yard and then would feed her. Somehow the baby fell out of the nest and couldn't fly back up. After it got fed the baby slept at the trunk of the tree where the nest was. Evan tried to lead her back under the boat to be safer from other animals. We actually don't know what happened to the baby from that day.

Our New Pet

Okay, a few posts ago I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago we went to a pet store and the kids really wanted to get a hamster. Well, they got their wish last Thursday. About a week after we went to the pet store, I went garage-saleing and found a huge box of cages, tubes, and other hamster equipment being sold for $10. A call to Roger at home with the kids to ask his opinion and he said go ahead. Brought it home and we disinfected everything and were so excited about the treasure I had found. All of the stuff I bought for $10 would have cost us between $150-200 at a store. A week after getting the equipment, we went to the pet store and bought a female Dwarf Winter White Hamster. She is actually brownish-gray, but they turn all white in the winter to camouflage themselves in the wild. The kids decided to name her Snowflake and she is so cute. She has gotten used to her cage, but not us handling her yet, so we are slowly getting her tamed. They are so incredibly easy to care for. It is most definitely a pet I would recommend starting kids out with.

Father's Day

Roger's Father Day:
Church to worship the Heavenly Father
Lunch at his choice: On the Border
Quiet time with wifey
Wii games with kiddos
Barbecuing for supper
Wife runs to Sonic for dessert
Gift: A cool Stanley 3 in 1 Tripod LED Flashlight with Keychain
Roger, You are the Best Dad! We love you!