Friday, April 27, 2012

Abilene Field Trip

Yesterday we went with some families from our homeschool co-op up to Abilene to take a train ride that lasted about 1 hour. Roger had taken the day off of work and came with us. I really enjoyed the ride up there through the countryside and seeing all of the farmers fields lush and green. We arrived in Abilene early so Roger drove us through the boyscout camp that is located there that he and Evan went to last year and it was very, very nice.

On board the train, we ate our lunches in the dining car while our tour guide Wendy talked to us a little bit about the history of Abilene and the train we were riding on. We rode for 30 minutes, and then for the last 30 minutes we switched to more of the open air train car we sat on picnic tables or benches for the ride back. The kids enjoyed it very much.

After this ride, most families went on to tour the Heritage Center in Abilene where there was an old carousel, telephone museum, and then some went on to tour the Dwight Eisenhower museum. We decided not to do these things and instead head back to Wichita via the city of Salina so that we could stop by Cozy's Hamburgers and introduce the kids to this old treasured establishment. When I was in elementary school, I lived in Salina and Cozy's was very popular. Their hamburgers are made with onions, and served with mustard and pickles. You have to order a certain number by the sack full, but they are smaller in size than regular burgers, so you can eat quite a few. Roger was introduced to Cozy's many years ago, so since then whenever we go to Salina we have to stop at Cozy's. Then, a few hours later Roger's parents arrived in town from Colorado to celebrate Lauren's birthday which is tomorrow. They got to see her during her taekwondo class while Evan was at drum lessons. A very fun, but busy day yesterday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

8th Birthday

Lauren is turning 8 years old on Saturday!!! She had a few friends join her for a bday party at Build A Bear this past weekend. They all had a great time. After they built their bears and picked out their outfits and accessories, we headed down to the food court in the mall where she opened her presents and we ate cupcakes. Then we headed over to Aunt Jenni's house to celebrate Lauren and Jenni's birthdays with yummy homemade pizza and a delicious chocolate cake Grandma made. 

She wanted to wear my cupcake apron while she helped me make her party cupcakes.
Pretty and yummy!
A fun party!
Lauren and Aunt Jenni blowing out their bday candles.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Not Summer Yet, But.....

To me 71 degrees is just a little too chilly to be wearing swimsuits and having a water gun fight outside, but my kids begged to do it, so sometimes you've just got to give in. I know I would've done the same thing when I was a kid.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

WWHM Closing Program Spring 2012

At our homeschool co-op's closing program, Lauren and I played handbells. I was the teacher's aide for both her handbells class and the older students' class. The older class needed extra people for their song, so myself and the teacher played with them. It was a lot of fun. Make sure you go to my playlist and pause it so you can hear the videos. After you watch these, if you'd like to see Lauren reciting Psalm 150 with her classmates click here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Week

A week ago yesterday my Hubby left for Italy! He had to go for work to attend a conference. He got to tour on foot by himself for a couple of days on his own in Rome, and then then take a train to a town close to Venice where he met up with a group of about 30 guys from the different world plants that belong to his company. I am so proud of him for venturing out on his own! I am not sure I would have had the guts to do that. While he was gone, the kids and I really didn't get to talk to him much due to his schedule, our schedule, and the 7 hour time difference. So, we heard all about his sightseeing once he got back home on Friday. He got to see the massive Roman Colosseum, had a 5 hour dinner in a winery, and ate at a castle. I heard next year he gets to go Brazil!

Here on the home front, we had a quiet week. We had our last day of homeschooling co-op on Monday, and then I thought we had scouts that night, but thankfully we skyped with dad before that time and he told us there was no scouts that night, so it was nice to stay home. Tuesday would have been soccer practice, but we decided not to go, which ended up okay because it rained anyways. Wednesday we decided to not go to our Y PE class because I wanted to work on painting the bathroom, and then after we decided that we got a phone call from the Y telling us class had been cancelled, so that worked out for our benefit. Wednesday afternoon we left to go do some shopping before church but then I noticed Evan was hot and not feeling well, so we came home and he had a fever. Thursday I ran into town by myself for a few minutes (yes, the kids are capable of staying home by themselves for a short period of time; they've done it before) and almost got into a car crash as someone tried to cross the street in my path as I was traveling 50 mph. They slammed on their brakes and stopped in the middle of the street as they realized they weren't going to make it, and I had to slam on my brakes and steer off the road to avoid hitting them, but I kept the van out of the ditch and am so thankful there were no other cars behind me that would have rear ended me. I thank God for keeping me safe because it's kind of scary thinking how dangerous it could have been especially when my kids were home by themselves. Friday we stayed home from activities due to Evan's sickness until we had to pick up dad at the airport in the afternoon. Yesterday, we did not go to the soccer game because Evan was still running a high fever--we're talking between 102-103 degrees. Roger took him to the doctor where he got some cough and sinus meds while I took Lauren to a birthday party and then she and I did some shopping. Today I stayed home with Evan while Roger and Lauren went to church. After they returned home, we all took it easy, but did get some house cleaning done. I am happy to report that Evan's fever has been lower--between 100 and 101, he is eating a little more, and had more playful energy. I am hoping he wakes up tomorrow with no fever.