Sunday, June 2, 2013

Piano Recital

Lauren had her first ever piano recital Saturday. There were probably 20 students who performed, but the pieces were short, so the recital took around an hour. However, the music was so pretty that it almost lulled you to sleep. Lauren was the second to perform and it was a duet with her teacher. What didn't get caught on the video was she had to say her name and announce the name of the piece she was playing and the composer: Fire Dance by Wendy Stevens. She spoke clearly and loud enough for the audience to hear her. We were so proud of her. I think she was proud too as you can tell by the smile she's wearing after her curtsy. She's only been playing since the beginning of February. Her teacher literally lives 5 minutes down the street from us; how great is that?! She will have 6 lessons throughout the summer, and then every week when the school year begins again. She's enjoying it. Now, if we could just find her a piano so she doesn't have to practice on our keyboard.....