Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Happenings

Here's what's been happenin':

We haven't had a YMCA membership for a couple of years, but Roger's job had a great deal where they pay for a lot of the price for a family membership, so we just had to sign up and take advantage of the deal. Usually you pay almost $50/month for a family, we are able to pay almost $30/month and the company pays for the rest! They also hold us accountable--we have to check in four times a month in order to keep our membership. So far, the kids and I have been hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. Being homeschooled, we can go to the Y during the early afternoon when it's not crowded. And, Lauren is old enough now that she can work out with us on the gym equipment, so it's been  awesome! I was working out on some weight machines and looked over and saw Lauren singing as she was working out on the eliptical; not out loud, but just mouthing the words, but also sweeping her arms to the side like she was performing. I started videoing her and she didn't notice at first, but then realized I was doing it. She is so funny--doesn't care where she is, or who's watching, but she's always up for a performance. I found out afterwards that she was listening to the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen.

This past weekend we went to Kansas City so the Wichita Community Children's Choir, which Lauren is a part of, could perform with three other choirs from around Kansas. It was a day trip, and the concert was really short, but it was fun to drive to KC and hang out for a few hours. The church was absolutely beautiful, but too small for all of the kids and audience members. Plus, no microphones were used, so when the adults would introduce their choir and tell us the songs they were going to sing, we couldn't hear everything, I think because the church was so expansive that voices just carried away like the wind and couldn't be directed to one place. I love Lauren's director because she also is a choir teacher at a middle school, so she knew how to project her teacher's voice in the church and she was the only person we could hear clearly. However, when the choirs sang, hearing them was not a problem. Each choir sang two songs, and then all choirs joined together for one song. Enjoy the videos!

We have just not had much of a winter at all this year. Evan has enjoyed going outside to practice soccer with his goal, or as this picture shows, throwing his knives at wood logs--in shorts and no jacket!

Our favorite football team, the Denver Broncos, was in the playoffs, so I just had to go to church dressed in orange and blue, sporting my Bronco earrings. Then, after church we watched the game and Evan had on all of his gear, plus his blanket, and Broncos pillow pet he's had since he was little, and he and I literally were jumping up and down for joy when the Broncos won! We are so excited for the Super Bowl this weekend!