Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evan turned 8!

Evan's birthday is May 23, and it always falls on Memorial Day weekend, so we decided to have his party on May 31 in the hopes that more people would be able to come. We rented a moonwalk, invited a whole bunch of (mostly) 8 year old boys who came with all of their families and prayed that the weather would be nice so we could have all of the festivities outside. Our prayer was answered, and although it was 90 some degrees outside where the moonwalk was, underneath our shade trees it wasn't unbearable, and the breeze blowing off of the lake helped. Evan loves citrusy flavors so he wanted a lemon cake, and the theme to be Wall-E. In the picture of the cake, you can see that Evan aimed the gun of the girl robot Eve towards the candle wick as if she is shooting it to light it. We kept it simple by grilling hot dogs, heated up baked beans, and served chips, along with huge jugs of water and lemonade. It was so fun! (I hope the bouncing of the pictures doesn't bother you, but I thought it was perfect for a moonwalk party!)
P.S. Does anyone know how to slow down the pictures so we can look at them longer?

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  1. When you set up your pictures there is a choice at the bottom of the page to run the photos slow, medium, or fast. :-)

    Looks like Evan had a GREAT birthday!