Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loooong Day

Oh, today is soooo looong--it feels like it should be Friday already and it's only 4:00 Wednesday afternoon! The rainy weather outside doesn't help, we won't see Roger tonight because he starts his teaching job right after work and that goes until 9:00, and the rest of us still have to go to VBS tonight where I will be leading crafts! But, there were some things that were funny today:

1. Lauren has been talking about boys a lot lately and today she asked when she will be getting married. I told her that was still a long time from now, and in her young 5 year old thinking she responded, "Oh yeah, I have to get my ears pierced first," and she knows she can do that when she is at least 9 years old. The way kids mark milestones in their lives...isn't it neat to look at time through a young child's eyes. I'm sure it was funnier to me than it sounds in this post.

2. Evan is so into looking at Star Wars things on Ebay, and he came out from the computer room announcing that he figured out how to watch certain items, but knew that he was not allowed to bid on anything. So, I have a few Star Wars items on my ebay page that are being watched. The kid is too smart (and borderline tricky/risky/about to get himself into trouble) sometimes.

3. The kids looked through some of my old photo albums from around my high school/early 20s age and just had a blast laughing at the way people looked, and in awe when I would tell them who some people were because they don't necessarily look the same today. You just had to be here to witness how fun that was. Above is a picture of Roger and I and yes, our funny feathered hair from 1989!

As the Bible says, "Be thankful for everything." So, today I am thankful for looooong rainy days!


  1. What a cute pic of you two! You look like babies.

  2. are babies! Beautiful....Love it :)
    Had fun today! Let me know when you go again.