Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You Friends

A big thanks to my wonderful friend Annetta who has been helping me with my blog problems that I have posted. Even when I'm supposed to be trial and erroring on my own, she has sometimes given me little hints to guide me in the right direction!

I should also thank my hero-mom Heather who laughs at trial and error and just flat out has told me where to go and what to do! What a rebel!

I love you both!


  1. You are welcome! I'm proud of you for how quickly you are learning by trial and error.

  2. It is just sooo much easier to ask and have Dara come camp out on your bed with the laptop and fix things. Why reinvent the wheel, it wastes way toooo much time! ! Besides it is much needed friend time for moms and kids. HEE HEE The kids loved it, they played in the rain last night.

  3. By the way, I did learn a little bit. But it still took a whole lot less time. :)