Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drive In Movie

We took the kids to their first drive-in movie Friday night to see the new Ice Age, Up, and Night at the Museum movies. We got there at 7:30 and joined the line of cars waiting for the drive-in to open at 8:00. We had brought an air mattress for the kids to lay on in the back of the truck and Roger and I were going to sit in chairs on the ground. The air mattress pump decided to not work and blow up the mattress all the way, so we decided to let out the air and let the kids lay on it deflated and Roger and I moved our chairs up into the truck. We had prepared for the late night be taking naps in the afternoon. The movies started at 9:20 and we made it through Ice Age and Up except Lauren who fell asleep halfway through Up. But, not biggie because we had already seen Up and Museum, and the kids were in their pjs, so after Up we decided to head on home and got back about 1:45. It was a lot of fun and hope to do it again.

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