Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evan at Dry Gulch Camp

Yesterday we sent Evan off to church camp. We know he will have a great time. He's with a lot of his friends and is in good hands with the best kids pastor and a group of adults we totally trust. Lauren is doing good with big brothie being gone--sleeping in his bed to feel close to him. She and I will be staying busy to make time go fast until Evan gets back on Saturday. I'm hoping that the year both Evan and Lauren can go to camp that I'll be able to go along as a sponsor and have as much fun as the kids will. Here are a few pictures--some I took seeing him off, some sent by Pastor Pam from her iphone. A few are grainy and hard to make out, but it is Evan. Not sure what caused that problem. You can see those hard to make out pictures on my facebook profile if you want.

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