Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful August Evening

Was last night really August 20th in Kansas? The weather was absolutely beautiful so we ate dinner outside and played some badminton and volleyball. So fun! Yes, we are eating under the gazebo where our hot tub used to be. It's gone now, so it has become our outdoor dining area until winter when we will bring the table and chairs back into the sun room.


  1. I love the outdoor dining option! How wonderful that you have a space for that.


  2. When did you get rid of the hot tub? It makes for a wonderful outdoor dining area. Autumn in August--have to enjoy that while you can.

  3. Janet, the hot tub went bye a couple of weeks ago. We were giving it away free because it didn't work and all of the parts needed replaced. Donnel Clay's brother got it. From the things she told me, he sounds like a great guy and deserved to be blessed with it. His wife has arthritis, and he is an electrician so can replace the parts. It might be about $1000 for parts, but cheaper than buying a new hot tub.