Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fireplace and Bedroom Windows Renovations

Our lovely new fireplace and bedroom windows are done. The fireplace reno started last July with demolition and except for new fp doors needed--it's done! Roger did most of the work with the exception of his dad helping out a little back in April. He did an excellent job! I love the color of the wood, tile, and paint. One hidden blessing from this job was finding termites after demolition. Yuck, but because we found them and had treatment for them, we shouldn't have to worry about termites again. We also took down the 6 rows of wooden beams on the ceiling in the same room as the fireplace. The room looks larger now.

The bedroom windows needed to be replaced NOW! Two of them had dry rot and even our bug spraying guy was getting worried about bugs getting in through the rotted ones, but that never happened. Roger's dad came out this past Saturday from Colorado and the guys worked on the widows Sunday replacing all 5. They are so much better than the old ones. We still need to replace a bathroom, kitchen, large living room, and 8 sunroom windows, plus a new patio door, but those are not an emergency, so that time will come in a while.

Next projects? We still have a completely gutted master bathroom and laundry room, but Roger wants new siding on the house this fall. We have to figure out the color we want and then submit that to our home owners association before we can get started.


  1. The fireplace is beautiful. Such a great job on that project.
    I also like the new window style. Wish I could get that done at my house.