Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Blessings Can Make a Big Impact

You know, sometimes I think that nothing counts unless it's done in a big and loud way. Before everyone starts emailing me telling me that's not necessarily true--I already know it doesn't have to be that way. But, with my temperament, that's just the way I tend to think. Thank goodness I have people around me that I can observe and be reminded that sometimes the little, quiet things can make big impacts.

When WWHM (co-op)started up last month we were given a flyer from a local bowling alley that wanted to offer homeschool bowling lessons and/or leagues. I discussed things with Evan and he was interested in the lessons, but not the league because it would last several months and he thought that was too long. I thought he made a wise decision and agreed with him. The first week of lessons we were on vacation, but we've made it the past two weeks. Laura is the name of the person at the bowling alley who has helped out Evan. She said that the first week there was a mom with 3 kids, but they would be coming hit and miss which was fine. So, the past 2 weeks, it has just been Evan practicing.

Last week, Laura worked with Evan on his swing and when the lesson was over she did not charge me. She was even going to let Lauren bowl, but she didn't have any socks with her, so wasn't able to. This week we went back and again Evan was the only one there. Laura told me up front she was not going to charge me since Evan was it again and she even let Lauren bowl for free with bumpers. I told her that's exactly why I wanted to pay her because business was down at that time, but she insisted, so I accepted. She had even remembered Evan's name from the previous week which I thought was pretty impressive.

The lessons are only for an hour and are only $3 which includes shoes, bowling, and a little bit of instruction. For Laura to wave the fee for both weeks and both kids has really touched me. I know that at some point I will have to pay and I will be happy to do it. I don't know if Laura is a Christian, but I told her I would pray that more people will start coming because that is what she wants.

I've been talking to the kids about how nice Laura is being to us and I think I'm going to have them make a thank you card for her. If she is a Christian, then she surely knows that God will reward her for her blessing us. If she isn't a Christian then maybe a simple little thank you card will be an opportunity to witness to her.

In my mind, this is a small, quiet gesture, but it can make a big, loud impact.

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