Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vero Beach Vacation Part 2--The Beach

Whenever I told someone where we were going on vacation, they all would say "It's going to be hot!" My response: "We're going to be swimming in the ocean so we won't feel hot!" Anyone who knows me can tell you that my favorite vacation spot is a beach. I just love it. Whenever heaven comes down to earth and you want to find me, look on the beaches.

God blessed us with gorgeous weather. It only rained the night we arrived, Thursday afternoon, and the day we left. The temps never got above 90 degrees. Lovely, lovely weather to play in the warm ocean.

The first thing we did when we woke up the first two days was head to the beach. We walked it and looked for seashells, Roger took the kids out into the ocean and they bobbed on the waves, and on the second day the kids built a sandcastle.

Here are some tips when building a sandcastle: Smooth out an area flat. When collecting sand, scoop it up right where a wave stops on the beach--the perfect consistency. If you want to make a moat, make sure it's far enough away from the castle so the water doesn't seep under the castle and collapse it. Shells and seaweed make nice decorations.

There were parts of the beach that were completely covered in shells. Evan was sitting in an area and got swept up the beach by a wave and his back got scraped up by all of the shells. It hurt, but he didn't cry and went right back to playing. We all found some nice shells to bring home.

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