Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vero Beach Vacation Part 4--Dining Out

For most meals we bought groceries and ate in the room, but there were a few times we ate out. When the kids were in the 3 hour Kids Discovery Club having their dinner, Roger and I got to go into town and eat at Squid Lips. It is a seafood restaurant on a harbor with huge open window to feel the breeze. Yummy. When we went to Cape Canaveral we ate at another seafood restaurant called Dixie Crossings. Yummy. Roger can never get enough seafood--I can though. We also had a special dinner with Donald Duck and Goofy at the resort. The kids were so excited and our waitress even commented on how she enjoyed Lauren's eyes lighting up every time she saw Goofy. However, it was a huge chunk out of our pocket book. Yikes!

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