Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goddard Fall Festival 2009

Another year of Evan's cub scout troop in the Goddard Fall Festival Parade. Evan was happy that one of the bands was behind their float because he got to listen to music the whole parade route, but was very tired of waving by the end. Lauren's Girl Scout troop also marched but Lauren didn't. She was very upset for 2 days when we kept telling her no (she doesn't like to walk long distances--next year she will get to), but when she realized how cold it was today, she was happy to just wave at her Girl Scout friends as they walked by. Plus, she got to sit and gather candy as parade participants walked by and handed it out and was happy to do that. After the parade Roger and Evan rode the Sizzler ride and Evan got dizzy but liked it. Lauren and I rode the ferris wheel and she enjoyed that.

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  1. The Cub Scouts didn't have to walk. Couldn't the girls get a ride like that? :) I think Lauren made out better missing out on all that. Fun to see Preston. He's grown a lot in a year and a half.