Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Junior Bible Quiz

Evan and two of his friends from church are on the JBQ C Team representing Evangel Assembly of God. The letter C means it is their first year of quizzing. There are a total of 5 teams this year representing churches from Great Bend, Topeka, Fredonia, and I think the rest are from Wichita.

They had a preseason match this past Saturday from 9AM-2PM. There are a total of 10 rounds, but they had two byes during the competition, so they played 8 rounds. Each round lasts about 20 minutes. Each team can have 2-4 quizzers in order to compete. The preseason match does not count towards the overall score for the year. It was just a great way for everyone to get familiar with how competition goes, learn what will count as fouls, take instruction and learn tips and advice from the judges, and put to the test all of the things they had to study.

JBQ has a set number of questions about the Bible that all teams study at the same time. For this match they had to study 72. The next match will be in Great Bend in about 3 1/2 weeks and the kids have to study 72 more questions. Each match is cumulative so next time the kids can be asked any of the 144 questions. They will then have two more matches throughout the year and will have studied a total of over 280 questions.

How it works...
Each team sits at two tables facing the judges/score keeper/time keeper. There are a total of 20 questions in a round, each worth 10 points. The kids just try to buzz in to be the first one to answer the question first. If they can't answer it correctly, or at all, they lose 5 points. If this happens 3 times, that child must sit out the remainder of the round--a "backwards quiz out". If a child answers 5 questions correctly he "quizzes out" meaning he sits out for the remainder of the round, but it earns 10 bonus points for the team. The coaches keep score along with the official score keeper. When the round is over, the coaches and score keeper verify everything, the winning team is declared, and the highest first, second, and third place finishers declared. There are a bunch of other rules, too, but I'm still learning them. I got to keep score for two rounds, and it is so fast-paced that it is actually kind of tricky to keep score.

Our team won 4 rounds, and lost 4 rounds. Evan did great and had a blast! He never got a backwards quiz out (the kind you don't want), but got 3 quiz outs (the kind you want) and was able to earn a button for that.

We are looking forward to the next competition!

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