Thursday, December 3, 2009

Investiture Ceremony

Lauren's daisy girl scout troop had their investiture ceremony tonight. This basically welcomes a new girl into scouting.
Parading in
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Luckily where she was in line she ended up sitting right in front of us for good photo ops.

Adding a petal to the daisy flower representing the girls scout law and promise.

Reciting the girl scout promise.

Getting her pin on her vest by the troop leader

The handshake

Each petal gets sewn onto her vest as they learn a part of the girl scout law


  1. Congrats, Lauren. I'm so proud of you.

    I imagine she is just loving this. What does Mom think of it now that you've got a few more weeks behind you?

  2. Mom still isn't crazy about this. We do great crafts and activities, but the meetings aren't run well all though I believe the troop leader is really trying. It's the co leaders not helping like they should and other parents not either that bugs me. I send the leader uplifting emails once in a while which mean a lot to her. I guess our troop is on the bigger side too, and I so wish we could divide up and be on the smaller side. She is a daisy for 2 years, so we are in this thing until that's over, than we'll see what happens.