Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Things

Four things I remember happening this past week I want to blog about.

1. Roger went hunting on Saturday and was so sore that Sunday morning the kids had to help him put his socks on his feet as they were getting ready for church. I was running for the camera while he was encouraging them to go faster--they won!

2. Evan has some nerf guns and last week he and Roger were having nerf gun fights. This past weekend they both bought more powerful nerf guns to make their fights even more fun. It's one of the first things they do when Roger gets home. Even Lauren likes getting in on the action.

3. Evan had to spend his allowance money to buy the nerf gun, so last night he gave dad his money and Lauren said "You should have kissed it goodbye." She swears she made that up, but she had to have heard someone kissing their money goodbye from someone or somewhere.

4. Last week Lauren was talking to Roger about leprosy and called it "leapord seed."

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