Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Venture

Today Roger gave his notice to Cessna--after almost 14 years working there. After a 3 month period of interviewing and praying he has decided to take a position with a company called Tech Investments. They make parts and small assemblies to go to aircraft companies--I guess mostly Spirit. He is excited and ready for this new chapter in his life. I hope and pray that it will be successful and very fulfilling for him.

We got to have dinner last night with the owners and the person who will be Roger's boss. The 3 of them were very nice and down to earth midwestern guys. I was joking with some friends that some women would probably like the idea of getting all dressed up and being the only woman in a group of men, but I was dreading it because this was business. I guess my job was to look pretty and smile a lot for Roger's sake. But, we all got to know more about each other's families, and learn about the history and future of the company. All of this was so nice and put my mind at ease about this new job. I am very excited for my husband.

The picture is us all dressed up for dinner with the bosses. We ate at Yaya's on the east side of town. Delicious. The kids got to go over and have fun at grandma and grandpa's for a couple of hours and have supper with them and play and watch movies.

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  1. It sounds like the dinner went well. I'm so glad.