Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Shower Drama

When it comes to shower time for the kids, it's always a battle of who went first last time. Considering they take showers about every 2 days, I honestly can't remember all the time who went first last time, and such was the case today.

I told Evan to go take his shower, and he insisted he went first last time. I think he is right so I proceed to walk Lauren to the bathroom to help her with her shower and she is crying that she went first last time. I set her on the counter and hug her and talk to her about why I think Evan was first last time. She argues and is yelling and crying to the point where she is starting to cough. I know that if she doesn't calm down she is going to start throwing up. I decide to give up and calmly tell her that she can go for a week without taking a shower, all of her friends will start to call her stinky because she will start smelling, and then I walk away leaving her in the bathroom to calm down. As I am leaving I hear the coughing turn into gagging and I'm sure the throwing up will start, but I leave anyway, head downstairs for a few minutes so I can decompress from the drama, and decide to check email and facebook and wait to see if she changes her mind and asks for help.

A few minutes later I hear the shower turn on. I am thinking Evan has decided to stop being stubborn about not taking his shower first today and has decided to go ahead and take it. Then I hear singing--it's Lauren! I walk upstairs and into the bathroom and she is in the shower. I'm thinking okay, maybe Evan helped her get the shower started because she has never done that by herself before because dad or I have always made sure the water temperature is just right before she climbs in. Also, we have a shower head that has the hose so you can take it down to Lauren's level and wash her. I peek behind the curtain, and she is happy smiling washing the shampoo out of her hair!

She informs me that she started the shower all by herself! She did a good job checking the water temperature before entering the shower, and standing up with the water getting in her face (because the shower head is not lowered) isn't bothering her too much. I'm thrilled! She finishes her shower all by herself, but when she gets out she still needs some help with the detangling spray and brushing her hair.

I tell her over and over that she has moved into big girl status. We have a book called Little Big Girl about a girl who is little enough to do some things, and big enough to do other things. This has been a special book to me and Lauren and she has loved it when I call her my little big girl. It occurs to me that she really is entering big girl status, but I'm going to keep clinging to that little girl status as long as I can!

P.S. I was informed by Evan that yes, Lauren did end up throwing up a little bit into the bathroom sink, but she cleaned it up. Wow! What a big girl! Yay, and boohoo.


  1. Grandma is soooooooooo proud of you Lauren!!! You are loved...

  2. Wow! She is getting to be a big girl. I'm impressed.

    We have settled those kind of arguments by assigning weeks to each child. That's easy to do when you only have 2 to deal with. When it's your week, you get to get the mail, have the bathroom first at bedtime for brushing teeth, sit in the good chair at the table, or gets to choose which movie/TV show to watch. With J & D it also involved who got to sit in the front seat and put money in the parking meters. Any other disputes that come up are settled with "whose week is it?"