Saturday, September 18, 2010

Branson Part 1

We went to Branson over Labor Day weekend (Sunday-Thursday). Last year we went on vacation for a few days over this holiday and I must say I really enjoy it. Yes, that Monday is busy as people are taking advantage of the last summer vacation before the kids go back to school, but than the other days places are empty. It's wonderful and just another advantage of homeschooling.

When we arrived on Sunday it was about 3:00. I had found out that if you want to go to Silver Dollar City and you arrive after 3:00, you get to spend the evening there, and then come back the next day without paying again so that's what we did. They were supposed to close at 7:00 that night but because of the crowds they stayed open until 8:00. We got in all of the children's rides that night, so when we came back Monday we were ready to ride other rides. SDC is not as crowded to say the least as other amusement parks I have been too. Waiting in line was not long. Unfortunately, all we did was ride rides and didn't observe any of the craftsmen at their work.
Day 1:

We saw a musical/comedy show which was funny, and I really enjoyed getting an old-fashioned picture taken. Roger and Evan really played up the parts of outlaws with the looks on their faces. We wanted to be hillbillies, but that meant we would have to buy the picture in color instead of the sepia that old-fashioned pics have and we wanted it to seem authentic, so we went with the outlaws. Evan was happy because he got to hold a gun, and Lauren enjoyed dressing up in a pretty dress.What should have taken us 10 minutes to get to SDC took 1 hour on Monday! We really did not know what the hold up was until we got close to the entrance and saw there were firefighters collecting money for the MD charity and as cars stopped to give them money, it held up all of the other cars. You will see when I took a pic of the gps and the clock that it took us 15 minutes to go 0.7 miles. Ugh!
Day 2:

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