Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Pics

It'd been 2 years since we had a family picture taken, so I wanted to this year. There is a young woman from our former church who has decided to do this as a job, and she kept posting all of her pics on facebook, and I thought they were fabulous! So, I contacted her to ask the detailed questions and we decided we wanted her to take our pics. She was wonderful to work with. Our family chose Sedgwick County Park for the background, and she traveled there, snapped many, many pics for us all around the park, then put them all on a disc and gave us permission to own them all! I will post some--some I really like, and some that are funny, but there were so many more. Also, it had to have been the windiest day in history, but we laughed and decided it would make our photo shoot even that much more memorable!

 In pic above, Lauren was keeping a close eye on the ducks and geese that were around!

 My big 6 year old!

 Crazy wind!

 My cool 9 year old!

Look at my hair--thank you again, KS wind!


  1. I love them all also!!! Photogenic family - and just all very cute!!!!