Friday, December 17, 2010


Two days ago we finished Evan's 3rd grade curriculum! I have been behind since last year when we took too much time off--totally my fault. I need to order the 4th grade stuff, and hopefully we will be caught up when next autumn comes around. I know some people are total sticklers when it comes to homeschooling and want the time frame to match that of the public schools. Obviously, I'm not a stickler for that. That's one of the beauties of schooling at home--you can get behind and catch up during the summer if you need to. Besides, as hot as it can get here in KS in the summer, and you're stuck inside, it is great to be able to work on school for a couple of hours each day.

Lauren has made some huge strides in her reading ability. She's still not quite where I would like her to be, but I know she will get there soon just by what I have witnessed in the past couple of months. Since October, I have seriously been wondering if homeschooling is the right path for her, but God has specifically told me I need to do this and in the long run it will all work out. He's absolutely right, and this reading improvement has been some special encouragement for me. We completed the first book in the Explode the Code series (look it up if you're interested), and she had to take some tests in the back. She did awesome. One test was reading 2 paragraphs, each describing a certain object and then there were 3 choices and she had to decide which object the paragraph was about. But, the choices were a little tricky: pop, pup, or pip, for example. Well, the paragraph was describing a pup, but she had to make sure she was not getting the u vowel mixed up with the i or o vowel. Well, #1, she had to read the paragraph, #2 she had to understand what she read, and #3 she had to figure out which answer choice was correct. I wasn't sure how she would do, but I shouldn't have worried because she did it. I was so excited for her and Evan and I cheered and cheered for her!

I Love homeschooling!

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  1. Congrats! We've had those kind of years too. Finished in the summer. Or even the fall when we had a summer move one time. It's all good so long as you get there.