Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Skating

We went ice skating with our homeschool co-op today. It was my first time EVER and I am excited to say I didn't fall once! Yes, I trepidly stepped onto the ice and clung to the wall for a few minutes, but then I let go and did fine. The kids were excited to get back on the ice--they took lessons for 8 weeks last spring but haven't been back to the rink since. I skated for 1 hour and the kids skated for almost 2. It was fun.

See the gentleman in the white hat? Nobody knows who he was (he wasn't with our group), but he was so nice and wanted to help those of us who needed some help. Here he is helping Lauren to skate backwards, and then later he helped her try to turn in circles. He also helped give me some pointers and skated me around the rink a little when I first got on the ice.

Miss Patti also helped Lauren to skate backwards.

Lauren kept practicing and practicing going backwards for a long period of time. It was so fun to watch her because usually her attention span is short, but she was like the Energizer bunny and kept going and going.

Don't worry--there were some falls with the kids, but they were just fine...see:

This video clip makes me smile because it's just a bunch of boys gathering as a group, but there's always someone falling down.

Evan is getting faster on the ice. And look at one of his friends literally running on the ice instead of gliding.

A lot of friends and a lot of fun (and a lot of blisters, but I didn't get any pics of those)...


  1. How fun!!!! There are so many outdoor rinks here. I need to take the kids...

  2. Brave Rebecca! Glad you gave it a go. Your two almost look like old hands at skating.

    Leah was sorry to miss out on that. (But not Ethan.) She had a bball game. I didn't think getting worn out from skating would be a good idea before the game.