Monday, March 28, 2011

Las Vegas Part 3: Caesar's Palace

Celine Dion is playing at Caesar's Palace, so Roger found the cheapest airline/Caesar's resort package for our trip. I felt it would be good to stay at the same place she was performing so if the weather was bad, we wouldn't have to walk there worrying about getting wet if it was raining, or ending up with a bad hairdo if it was really windy. Plus, if the concert was long and we were tired, we would be able to go right to our room when it was done, and not worry about walking back to a different resort.

The room was very nice. It was a little larger than most regular hotel rooms. The furniture and bed were very comfortable. The bathroom was lovely. There were many high tech gadgets we've never used before. One example is we couldn't find a "Do not disturb" sign, and then Roger discovered there was a button you pushed that showed "do not disturb" on a little sign outside the door. There was a button you could push to mechanically open and close the curtains that Roger enjoyed. There was even a TV in the bathroom mirror. The shower was huge and had two shower heads and a bench to sit on. The toilet could be closed off by a door. There was a nice sized closet with a safe that we would put the laptop and other valuables in when we left the room. We couldn't believe they did not offer free wi-fi--just another example of how expensive Vegas can be.

The Caesar's Palace resort is huge. Just from looking at the other resorts, I would say it was the biggest in Vegas, but I'm not exactly sure about that. There are many towers of rooms, plus the Forum shops which is like an indoor mall. Not to mention the casinos and restaurants.

The indoor mall was humongous! Very clean and beautiful with many upscale name shops, restaurants, and pretty architecture. There was an Apple computer store and Monday morning we went to stand in line in front of it to try to get Roger an IPad. There were already many people in front of us, and we were only there for about 5 minutes when an employee came to tell us all that they did not receive a new shipment that day. Too bad for Roger, but he ordered one once we got home. Notice the sky ceiling in one of the pics that gave you the feeling you were outdoors--beautiful. There was an aquarium with different fish and rays, and we were able to take a pic of a diver cleaning the glass. Lots of statues resembling Roman gods. There is a pic of a huge coin pool (not sure if it was a fountain show type pool or not), and you will see what looks like a spiral staircase, but it was actually a spiral escalator that you could get off and on for 3 floors. In the pic of me in the halter dress, this was from a shop that wasn't in the mall, but in a little shop near our hotel room tower that we kept passing all the time. I kept commenting on it every time we passed it by about how much I loved the look of it. I finally decided I just needed to try it on. Roger and I took a breath before we looked at the price, and then were presently surprised that it was $68--that's what you would pay at JCPenny for a dress like that. After trying it on (ignore the tennis shoes, and I had my jeans on also) and loving it even more, I decided I needed to think about it for a while. I finally decided I didn't need the dress because where would I wear it and how often? I was sad that I had to say good-bye to this dress--did I mention yet how much I loved it?!?!

The whole reason we went to Las Vegas in the first place was to conclude celebrating my 40th birthday by seeing Celine Dion in concert. The concert was great. She is still an excellent singer, and just beautiful. I think she changed outfits like 6 times--gorgeous gowns! She had a band and orchestra playing for her with great back up singers. She did some special affect type tricks like singing with herself. Have you ever seen shows on TV where they do some kind of affect that looks like the person is on stage, but it's just some computer generated person that looks almost real? That's how she did the singing with herself part. She is funny. She showed videos of her family in which she wasn't always wearing nice clothes or had make-up on. She is like a real person--not an over the top, untouchable super star. She got comfy and sat on the steps of the stage close to the audience, and she even walked down one of the aisles shaking peoples' hands. Her concert hall was beautiful and the chairs were very comfortable. You didn't feel crowded, and there was not a bad seat in the house. The concert had more of a sophisticated feel to it and it was shorter than we expected--a little over 90 minutes. There were many couples there, but it is probably true that there were more women than men. It wasn't necessarily what Roger wanted to be doing, but he was a good Hubby and came for my sake. I even let him go casual--we both wore nice jeans with nice shirts and shoes--nicer than what you see in the pic of me standing by her poster. One of the guys sitting in the row in front of had brought a book to read before the concert began which we thought was hilarious, so Roger took his picture. It was almost like he was making a statement to everyone, including his wife, that he didn't want to be there. There were 4 ladies sitting in from of us who weren't obnoxious in any way, but they would dance in their seats and wave their hands in the air and the usher would come up and tell them they had to settle down. You could see ushers doing this all over the concert hall. You almost felt like you had to do nothing but sit still and just mouth the words to the songs. She sang all of the songs I wanted to hear from her except one. She sang tribute songs to different singers like Billy Joel and Michael Jackson. She also sang a couple of depressing, sad songs--one even made her start crying. Have to say that was kind of a downer. I was just so happy we were able to do this. This is something that I have wanted to do for many, many years. I had to have a tissue in my hand at all times to unashamedly dab away happy tears when she began to sing a favorite song of mine. I'm glad a dream of mine got to come true and I can cross it off of my life-goals list!

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