Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a nice Easter. Yesterday we colored eggs. We tried a marbled effect where you die the eggs in one color mixed with water and oil, wipe off the egg off and then dip into another color. It was pretty cool. We only did that with two of the eight eggs I boiled, then the kids wanted to do different things. We tried wrapping rubber bands on some and then dipping them and then when you take the bands off you have stripes. Roger wrote Jesus Loves You on one with a wax crayon.

This morning the kids woke up earlier than usual excited to see their Easter baskets. I think the Easter bunny went a little overboard on the gifts--I'm pretty sure it must have been a misunderstanding between Mr. and Mrs. bunny. You will see the kids holding up their favorite gifts from the bunny. Evan really liked the little Lego sets, and Lauren really liked her lip gloss and eggs you can paint.

Evan's basket goodies:

Lauren's basket goodies:

The goodies they get to share:

Then the kids hunted for their eggs in the TV room. We went to church and then tonight my parents came over and we had ham, potatoes, beans, rolls, and a lemon cake to celebrate my sister's birthday which was this past Thursday. We played a couple games of Uno Attack, too. It was a great, relaxing day. But, it was also fun--why not? After all, Jesus conquered the grave, so why not celebrate! Below are a couple of pics of us. Lauren chose to wear this particular dress because the polka dots reminded her of Easter eggs or jelly beans in my opinion.

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