Sunday, May 15, 2011

Movie Weekend

Friday night we went to the drive in and saw Rio. The second movie was Thor but it's rated PG-13 so we didn't stay because the kids are too young for it.

Saturday, Grandma watched the kids and Hubby and I went to the IMAX and saw Thor in 3D. We had to go this weekend because it was the last weekend for Thor at the IMAX. It was my first time in the IMAX and it is awesome! We were astonished at how many young kids were at Thor and couldn't believe parents were allowing the under aged kids to see this movie. Well, once the movie was over, we couldn't believe how good it was and decide that our almost 10 year old would be just fine watching this movie.

Today Roger took Evan to see it, and I took Lauren to see African Cats. We didn't tell Evan what he was going to get to see. He has been wanting to go to the IMAX so bad, but all of the movies there so far aren't exactly kid friendly. As soon as they got there Roger texted me and said Evan was afraid he was going to get in trouble by me because Dad was taking him to a PG-13 movie that he wasn't allowed to see. It didn't even occur to him that I knew where he was going! So funny. He had a terrific time and enjoyed the theater and movie.

Lauren enjoyed the African Cats movie. It is really well done and is kind of documentary-like to the point where you want to sleep, but as tired as I was today, I managed to stay awake for the movie LOL! No, really, it was good.

No more going out this week for entertainment--we spent enough money this weekend!

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