Monday, September 5, 2011

Soccer Camp

Another season of soccer starts this Saturday. We met the coach last week and Roger thinks he will be nice. It looks like practices will be twice a week, maybe for the entire season, maybe just for a few weeks. On July 8th Evan attended a soccer camp with the Wichita Wings, our new indoor soccer team, head coach. The coach was so good with the kids. We were hoping to get season tickets for our family this year, but don't think that's going to work out. But, Evan did get a voucher to use for a free ticket to any game this year. I think the camp was quite an eye opener for him. He had to go through some drills he'd never done before and it wasn't always easy. The arena was terribly hot and he was soaking in sweat. Overall, I think it was worth it because he learned some things from a very experienced coach. Go Evan!!!

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