Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Clarification

Yesterday I posted about riding a motorbike. Let me do some clarification to put some of your minds at ease. First, look at the size of the bike--it is very small. My feet could drag on the ground to slow the thing down if I loosened up my grip on the handles. Second, I should have said people were jokingly telling me they thought I was a goner as I headed towards the tree. Yes, I would have crashed, but I was not going at an extremely fast speed. Would I have gotten injured? Possibly, but I guess it's relative to us  individuals as to the degree of my injury. I don't think it would have been that bad, but some of you might think that some bumps and bruises are bad enough. Yes, it was kind of scary looking up and seeing that tree coming on fast, but my quick responses took me just to the right of it and I drove between it and the trampoline. At the worst, I could have jumped off of the bike if I needed to. As far as a helmet, none that were my size. The helmet you see Evan wearing was a child's size, not an adult. Even my soccer playing son could get a head injury during a game by falling to the ground, getting kicked in the head, or running into the net posts as he's diving or jumping for a ball when he plays his favorite position of goalkeeper, but kids don't wear helmets playing soccer. Lastly, remember that once I figured out the speed, I was going slow enough that Evan was able to keep up with me running around the house as I drove the bike. Overall, it was fun and if I ever do it again, I'll be able to do a better job of controlling the bike. And yes, if there is one available, I'll wear a helmet. Hope I could put some of your minds at ease.

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  1. Wowsa. I can only imagine that a great amount of flack caused you to write post this comment.

    As a person who grew up with parents who had dirt bikes and riding was a regular part of our weekends, I am amazed that it caused alarm for people to see you riding that small bike. Especially since you noted that Evan was running along side you giving instructions. Obviously you were not going very fast.

    Everything in life comes with some risk. I say have fun while be as careful as you can!