Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food Food Food

Not only did we work hard on this trip, we certainly did eat well on our missions trip. I already typed about our gyros and Belgium waffles we had. Plus, the McDonalds we ate in. On work days, there was a group of ladies who came every morning and cooked upstairs and served us lunch. Every day the tables were decorated beautifully, and the meals were 4 courses. It usually started with the main course, then salad and/or vegetables, then bread and cheese, and last dessert. I remember the first lunch was lasagna and they brought out a completely covered dinner plate sized portion. I thought we were all to take a part of that and pass it on, but nope, that was all for one person. The food was just too much, and most of us requested smaller portions and I think we might have upset the ladies, but good grief, there was no way I could eat a whole plate of lasagna. Plus, considering this was day one, I didn't realize we had 3 courses coming after the lasagna. The food was delicious though and I don't know what the guys thought, but as a lady it was so nice to walk into the lunch room and see the pretty decorated tables. I didn't take pics of everything, but here are the ones I did take.
See the tall lady in back? She did all the decorating--doesn't she look artsy? The lady in the glasses and hairnet and I communicated in French a couple of times. She heard people calling my name and told me she had a granddaughter named Rebecca. She always had a smile on her face. She even waved goodbye to us and blew us kisses as we drove off on our last work day. I liked her--so sweet!
Red and white decorations
Look at the tall bottle of Coke
Cheese tray
Dessert with a sparkler
Green and brown decorations

Purple decorations
Olive bread--there were other breads offered at the same time
Since our hotel was in Germany, some of the team wanted to eat real brats and sauerkraut (Not me, I don't care for either of those). One night we stopped at a little roadside eatery and we all got brats. You'll see in the pics below that they were very long and served in a burger shaped bun, not a hot dog bun. I ate most of mine, and I don't think it was any different than a Johnsonville brat. But, I think a lot of people enjoyed theirs. Perhaps it's just something about eating food in it's home country that makes food taste better and more authentic? Anyways, I also tried a Coke with orange flavoring in it. At least I liked that!

Every night after work we headed to a downtown shopping area in Saar Brucken. Sometimes we went there for dinner, but every night we went there for dessert--gelato. Every night! I guess this getting ice cream every night is turning into a tradition on these MAPS trips. They started it in El Salvador last year, and the guys from last year wanted to see if it would happen again this year. They succeeded. Somebody new every night (those of the crew who could afford to buy everybody dessert) would pay for everyone's dessert. The first night was one scoop. Then when night two came, someone asked if we could all get two scoops and we did. Well, you guessed it, the third night was three, and the fourth night was four scoops. Someone in our group actually got five scoops on the last night--the most scoops the store did. We went to the same place and since we were such a large group the guy instantly recognized us on the second night. By the third and fourth night, the same guy just laughed and smiled whenever we showed up. He was so nice. I kept always saying "Merci" (thank you) when I would receive my dessert, and he would politely say "Donke". I just kept forgetting that we were in Germany. Yes, even though we were right on the border of France and Germany, believe me when I say that the German and French languages were not intermixed. If you were on the Germany side, you were expected to speak German, and speak French on the France side.

I was very excited to see that my favorite ethnic food was served everywhere we went in Europe--Italian. I think we ate a total of five Italian meals in our travels. Even our last meal in Paris was at an Italian restaurant. And, the best part...we ate outside. I had been waiting for this the whole entire trip--to eat outside. The weather was gorgeous, it was on the famous street Champs Elysees down the street from the Arc de Triomphe, and to me it seemed magical. It was a perfect way to end our trip to Europe!

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