Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Dried Up Lake

The summer of 2011 proved to be a record breaker with over 50 days of triple digit heat! It was horrible! We have lived in our lake community for 6 years now and have never seen the lake dry up like it did. In fact, we've had our lake flood one year and if Hubby hadn't come home early that day, he would have never made it home because the roads to our home were totally covered and there would have been no way for him to drive through the water. Our lake is deep enough that every summer people are boating and jet skiing on it, as well as fishing. Last month the kids and I walked out on the lake because we never might get that opportunity to do something like that again...

All of this green should be covered with water. The plants started growing so tall that once in a while people were out mowing it. Do you see how far away the water is?

Do you see the cement in the lower left hand corner of the picture? That is one of the large tunnels that run from this side of the lake under the road to an area known as the swamp. Yes, the lake should be up to this tunnel and flowing into it.

Walking out onto the dry lake bed.
In this pic you can see the green grass has died and been mowed.
That black hole in the background is the tunnel that runs under the road.
We found lots of shells.

The lake should go back towards those slightly sloping beaches of the houses.
Look how dry the lake bed is.

This pic is the other side of the road known as the swamp. Usually all of the ground covering is submerged in water and yucky smelling algae is growing.

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