Friday, February 17, 2012

Date Night

Our church hosted a date night tonight. We got to drop the kids off at church where they fed them and played and watched movies while us parents went out to eat and then came back to the church to watch the movie Courageous.

For dinner we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse, a new restaurant in town. We walked in and they had a 60-65 minute wait. Wow! As we were walking out, we ran into another couple from church. I asked them if they had called ahead (which we didn't know you could do) and they said yes they had. They were meeting two more couples from church there, but one couple's children had gotten sick so they had to cancel, so they asked if we wanted to join them in their place! We did and had a very nice time chatting with friends from church. We had eaten at Longhorn in Kansas City and I had fallen in love with their macaroni and cheese, and was so looking forward to eating that again. Well, my meal I ordered got messed up--they gave me the wrong piece of steak. I was going to go ahead and eat it, but it was not well done which is how I like my steak, so they took it back and made me the correct one. In the meantime I ate my mac and cheese. When they returned with my correct steak, they also brought me another bowl of mac and cheese. My stomach filled up before I finished my steak, so I got to take the rest of my steak, plus the second bowl of mac and cheese home with me for another meal. The only problem is, Roger tasted my mac and cheese and agreed with me that it is some of the best he's ever had, so I may have to fight him off when I go to eat the leftovers LOL!

When we got back to the church for the movie they had all kinds of snacks to eat. My favorite movie candy is M&Ms and Twizzlers. This was our second time seeing Courageous and everyone was moved to tears. The guys all chalked the tears up to allergies HAHA!

Such a fun night hanging out with my guy knowing the kids were well taken care of.

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