Friday, March 9, 2012

Scouts Arrow of Light Ceremony

Evan's Scout troop had their blue and gold ceremony this past Sunday. It was Evan's last as a Cub Scout. This coming week he starts Boy Scouts with the homeschool scouts.
Displaying their Arrow of Light cake.

We got to listen and learn from a Wichita bomb squad member. This was so interesting!

We got to look at a car that totally runs on electricity and one that runs on electricity and gas.

There was also a workshop that taught about rockets--I didn't get a pic. Then there was the ceremony for Evan and his fellow Sr. Webelos to present them with their Arrow of Light plaques. This was a very nice ceremony where the parents participated. A script was written out and some parents helped read certain parts to the boys. I loved the things that were read; I thought they were very moving. While things were being read, some candles were being lit to represent the different (arrow) points of light or encouragement/values being instilled to the boys. However, while this was going on, we parents were on stage facing our boys with our backs to the audience so I could not get any pics of the candles being lit. Also, it was very awkward standing with my backside to the audience for at least 10 minutes. We were blocking the boys from being seen by the audience, and I don't understand why we couldn't stand behind the boys. I think the Cub Master thought it would be more personal and emotional if we were facing our boys while the things were being read to them. Oh well. But, then when it was time to present the boys with their plaques we stood behind them so the audience could see them.

Roger has been the den leader for Evan's den the past 4 1/2 years. Three of the boys have been together that whole time and the fourth joined the second year. One has decided not to continue with scouts, another will be joining the local boy scout troop, and one friend will be going with Evan to the homeschool troop. It's hard to believe this chapter of this close knit group is coming to an end.

These have been some very special years for this father and son.

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  1. I teared up at our Arrow of Light Scout Ceremony a few weeks back and I didn't even have one crossing over. Way to go Evan!! An awesome family accomplishment. :)