Monday, June 11, 2012

The New House

I am just bubbling with excitement! For a couple of weeks we have been taking the steps to buy a new home. This home is in a closer location to all of the places we frequent and friends and it will cut off some driving time from my hubby's long work commute. We just got the appraisal results today and it was good news. Plus, the inspection is done, and all of the paperwork has been gathered and submitted. It just needs the final approval from the loan underwriters and we can close. I am hoping we will be closing at the end of this week; the original closing date was scheduled for June 22nd, so a week earlier would be awesome. Before we can move completely in we have to replace the upstairs bedroom carpets in the new place which will take at least 1 or 2 weeks (getting people out to measure, buying the carpet, and then waiting for it to be installed). While waiting for that to happen, we can start moving other things in though, like all of the things that belong downstairs--office furniture and all of the items in storage. Once those things are out of the current house, it will be easier for us to do some work on the downstairs of our current house. A couple of our rooms need dry walled, and then taped and painted. Then, once we can move all of the upstairs things into the new house we will be able to fix up that part of our current house which is a little bit of painting, replacing the kitchen flooring, and just cleaning. It will be a lot easier to do all of that work in the current house once everything is moved into the new house. Here are a few pics of the new place. I have lots of pics of the inside, also, but maybe I'll show those in another post later on.

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  1. It looks beautiful--both the house and the setting. We are hoping to drive by it for a look on Wed. on the way to the dentist.