Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ballet and Tap

From the ages of 3-7 Lauren was with a dance group called Jazz For Jesus. It was awesome! That company closed in May of 2011 and Lauren decided to try gymnastics and taekwondo. She didn't care for either of those, although she was doing well with them. She decided she missed dance, and so we visited 3 dance companies and chose one pretty close to home. They offer jazz and pom, but Lauren has always wanted to try ballet and tap. She is loving both, but especially tap! For the first semester they teach basic moves, and then come January they will begin routines and have a recital in May. Here are some pics of her in her dance clothes (she is so happy to be in a tutu), as well as a video of her showing some moves she learned in week 1, and just having fun.

She's decided the railing between the dining room and living room will make for a good ballet bar.
The classic ballet hair bun
Tap shoes
She wanted you to see her silver taps on the bottom of the shoes :)

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  1. I'm happy for Lauren. It sure brings back memories. I took a tap class when I was her age. We did some ballet too, but mostly tap. I remember doing a routine to a Mary Poppins song for our recital that spring.