Monday, November 5, 2012

Harvest Party 2012

Another great year of Harvest Party at our church! I believe I heard that around 1700 people came through our doors. That is lower than the past couple of years, but to me that is okay. There are probably a lot of other churches and businesses doing this kind of thing on the same night as our church, so that probably keeps the numbers lower. At the same time, those lower numbers make for less crowded hallways, and no long waiting times for Treat Street, or the hay ride.

Roger did not have to work the parking lot this time like he has had to for several years--yay! Instead, he and I worked in the kitchen handing out concessions to customers during second shift. Our job was to stand at the window and call out orders to the food prep workers and then we would hand out the orders to customers. For one of the first times in my life I was told I was not loud enough for the prep team to hear me! What? Seriously? I've usually been told I am the opposite--too loud and need to tone it down a bit. Oh well, I raised my voice, but felt I was yelling, though.

For first shift, we took Lauren around to all of the activities at the church. Evan has grown out of wanting to participate in all of the activities, and instead chose to work all night. For first shift he was a worker with one of the inflatables and second shift he helped clean up tables. The kitchen and inflatables are all in the sanctuary, so while Roger, Evan, and I were working second shift, Lauren was able to keep herself busy playing on all of the inflatables. It worked out great. One of our friends came up to us and told us he was proud of Evan for working the tables. Then, at the end of the night the same friend approached Evan and told him how proud of him he was. Then, the next morning, I heard that our friend approached our youth pastor and told him how proud of Evan he was. Wow! All of that was so good to hear about our son.

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