Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just Dance

Last week one of the money saving sites I follow on facebook posted that had Just Dance 4 for Wii on sale for $22.99! This game is $50 usually. We don't own any Just Dance games but I have heard they are so much fun, so when I saw the price on this one, I had to get it. Not only that, but I had about $16 of swagbucks money in my amazon account, so that took the cost down to around $6. On top of all of that, we have an amazon prime membership, so I got 2 day shipping for free. So, with tax, I bought this $50 game for a grand total of $7.75! Oh yeah! Anyways, once we got it, we started playing it. We have discovered some songs we don't feel are appropriate in the lyrics as well as dance moves, so we won't be doing those, but others are just fine. We are having so much fun and what a great way to exercise.

Sometimes you just gotta not be afraid to be fun in front of other people, so I told my kids they could video tape me dancing to Call Me Maybe and I would post it. You can't tell in the video but on the TV there is a dancer and I am supposed to mirror her. Don't be afraid to try it adults. This was my second time doing this song and I got 4 out of 5 stars, but the first time I tried it my kids were cracking up at my expense, and that's okay. I was surprised they weren't laughing for the video, but Evan was telling his sister to be quiet for the sake of the video. One night Hubby tried it, and boy did that make all of us laugh--including himself.

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