Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Weekend

I'm including Friday as part of our busy weekend in this post. On that day we had a skating party with from 10:00-noon with Maize Virtual Preparatory School, the YMCA P.E. class from 1:00-2:00, and then I had to run Evan out to a friend's house 30 minutes away so he could participate in a camp out on their farm that night.

Saturday morning Lauren and I went to a Pancakes and Pajamas breakfast at church. That was fun. There were about 10 tables each with a different decorating theme. I let Lauren pick which table she wanted to sit at and she chose a Hawaiian themed table. We both dressed in our pjs and slippers. Our pastor's wife spoke about choosing to see ourselves the way God sees us. After that it was time to get ready for Lauren's dance recital. It started at 2:00 and right after Lauren's final dance which ended at 4:40 we had to leave to get her to a birthday party that started at 5:00.
Lauren and her friend trying to win the toss and catch 5 pancakes game
Ballet costume
Tap costume
Sunday was Mother's Day and very quiet. Unfortunately Evan had developed a fever Saturday night, so I ran to church Sunday morning to teach Sunday School but then came home afterwards. Roger had been fighting a cold for several days, and Lauren had such a full Saturday that they all slept in Sunday and we simply stayed home all day. Naps were taken, movies watched, and it was kind of nice being lazy. I was given a pretty painting from Lauren, a Lilac smelling candle, and a t-shirt that says Awesome Fantastic Caring Understanding Mom! Oh, if only I could live up to those words more often. I have such a wonderful family!

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  1. Glad your day was so nice--even with the sick ones--maybe because of the sick ones!