Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What does Merrimans Lifesong mean anyway?

I love the Christian music group Casting Crowns! Their music speaks personally to me each time I listen to it. One of their cds actually helped me through a rough time in my life 3 years ago......

For his job, Roger had to go to Independence KS on Sunday night or Monday morning and would not get back to Wichita until Thursday night. Then on Friday, he had to go to the office here in town all day. Then on the weekends, he had work to do at home. This was never ending for 6 1/2 months!!!!

Evan turned 5 during this time, and Lauren turned 2. They weren't affected by this situation at all. But boy was I! I can't tell you how difficult this was on me and one way I got through it was by listening to worship music, and, you guessed it, especially Casting Crowns. I fell in love with so many of their songs, but Lifesong seemed to become my anthem and represent all that I wanted my life for Christ to be about. It impacted me so much that Lifesong became the name of our home school!

I don't know if I can legally post the lyrics, or even if there is a way to post the song onto my blog, but if you want to hear it, go to; music; lyrics; and type in lifesong, and it will come up and you can see the lyrics or listen to a sample of it there.

So, anyway, that is what Merrimans Lifesong is all about!

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  1. Awesome--thanks Annetta for teaching me how to add the Lifesong song to my blog. I hope everyone turns up the volume and enjoys the music and lyrics of the song!