Friday, May 15, 2009

What? Rebecca is doing a blog?

I can't believe it myself, but yes, I am going to attempt to keep a blog. For anyone who knows me, I do not get along with computers--I don't understand how most things work on the computer, and so this makes me really dislike them. So, you can be sure that whenever you are visiting this blog, Roger has helped me a lot.

I kept telling my friends over and over that I will never do a blog--who has the time? I couldn't believe how they could keep a blog updated sometimes daily with pictures even! But, lately I have realized the value of a blog. It's a great way to record what goes on in our lives and let friends and family be a part of that. It might even be a great way to make sure I take more pictures of our family doing stuff, but then I'll have to keep up on my scrapbooking......aye, aye, aye! What have I gotten myself into? Only time will tell!


  1. I can't believe what I am seeing :) Yea!

  2. Yea, Rebecca! I hope you enjoy the blogging journey as much as I have. This looks great.