Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Birthday

I had an uneventful birthday today, but such a sweet one!

When I woke up this morning and headed towards the bathroom I saw on the mirror a message written by Roger that said "Happy 21st Birthday Rebecca! I love you!" He told me later in the day that he was trying to make me feel young. Here's the funny part--I wasn't having a problem feeling young, and in a way the message had the opposite affect. Oh well, I knew he meant well, and it was a sweet thought.

I asked the kids this morning if they knew what today was. Lauren enthusiastically declared that it was pj night at awana. Evan said it was my birthday--they were both correct. They both ran up to me and gave me hugs and kisses. Lauren sang Happy Birthday to me. We stayed in our pjs the entire day.

Roger called and asked if we wanted to meet somewhere for supper. Considering we were wearing pjs to awana, we decided that any restaurant would probably not approve of our clothing so we decided against dinner.

When the kids and I arrived at awana I was greeted by a pot of daisies at the desk that my hubby had dropped off before we arrived as a surprise. Then during praise time the entire awana club sang Happy Birthday to me.

On the way home from awana Evan said he wished I could have a special breakfast tomorrow for my birthday. I asked him if was going to cook it and he said he didn't know how to make pancakes, but he could help me and he would make me a smiley face pancake. I was so touched that he even thought of this and wished he could do it for me!

I also received nice cards, facebook wishes, and a gardening tools set from my in-laws.

What a special day!

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  1. I'm so glad you had a nice day. Your family did a good job. Kids make it fun. Just wait til Evan and Lauren are old enough to make you dinner and a cake, too.