Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Welcome Roger as my guest blogger to tell you about Saturday's Pinewood Derby (especially the part about the paint on Evan's car)!

Shown above is Evan's car for 2010. He decided that he wanted a car that look like a shark so we cut out the shape and then when asked how to paint it, he said black and green...hmmm didn't think sharks were that color, then he told me he changed his mind. So in an effort to spice it up a bit, I asked if he wanted to make checkers or diamonds on the car. He chose diamonds. I wish that I would have taken a picture prior to "the incident" but we did not. The entire car was in green and black diamonds until we put the weight into the car. We drilled the holes in the side in preparation for some solder as the weight. Did you know that flames and freshly painted cars don't work well together!? As we were melting the solder, the flame got close to the paint and bam, it was on fire. Easy to put out, but it ruined the side of the car. New plan - paint the sides white and black to cover up the ... I mean it was planned all along, black and white on the sides, diamonds on the top! You can also see the red "flames." Well that was planned too after the heat from the solder for the weight up front got to hot and made the paint bubble. I think we managed to mess it up and get it repainted and prepped all by 10:30 the night before the race..."Hey, Evan...we are building your car this summer instead of waiting until next spring!" And the ironic part of the whole ordeal is that Evan received the best paint job trophy this year! Maybe we should mess up more often!

The one with the curved sides is Christian's car, he is one of the other scouts in my Den. He didn't place this year, but got 1st the last two years. The cars that placed were all within 0.01 seconds of each other. Closer races than I remember when I was a scout.

This is Cordell's car. I thought it was pretty cool.

This is Jackson's car, the last boy in my Den. He took a trophy for best style.

Sampling of other cars.

The kids watching the cars come down the track

Do you see Evan's on the far right?

Fastest time for our Bear scouts was 245 miles per hour! It's all about reducing friction and drag...and keeping it from hitting the sides of the rails.

Evan won the trophy for best paint job!

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