Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evan's New Bed

See this cool race car bed? Roger made this for Evan when he was two years old and this is what he has slept in for over 6 years. For the past two Christmas's we have been searching for a loft bed for Evan--just a bunk on top with openness underneath--because he has the smaller bedroom and we wanted to give him more play room. Most loft beds usually had a desk area so Roger even thought of making him one, but we went searching for beds last weekend and discovered a bunk/futon for a really great price. We had to order it and Roger picked it up on Thursday. The first thing Friday morning before even eating and getting dressed (Evan was so excited), the kids and I started the process of taking apart the race car bed and building the new bed...

Evan did a great job with the electric drill taking apart the old bed.
Beginning to put the new bed together.
Swinging like monkeys on monkey bars.
We had a little difficulty with a screw not fitting quite right so we stopped in the morning and waited for dad to come home and finish the bed.
It's done!
I had to climb up on top to put Evan's planet decorations higher on the wall.
Learning how to put sheets on his bunk bed.
Lounging on the futon--it really is quite comfortable.
These pictures don't show it very well, but there are blue Christmas lights strung around the bed.

Evan is very excited and on the weekends Lauren will get to camp out in big brother's room on the futon!

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  1. Yes, making those bunk beds are a major pain. I still don't like having to do it and am glad that for now it doesn't need to be done very often. (It's not being used as a bed. More like a storage area for some of David's stuff.)