Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Ice Skating

Okay, I am having such a good time watching the kids with their ice skating lessons. This was the second week and they both did much better--this means hardly any falling down, and they started to glide more instead of walk on their skates.

Evan decided with a friend he has met in his class to chase some girls around with bean bags and then pool noodles that were light sabers. Who knew that would be the catalyst to get him improving on his ice skating? LOL

Lauren is one of the best in her class. She has befriended a little girl who unfortunately just can't seem to stay up on her skates, but Lauren is patient to wait on her to get back up again.

A couple of adults are also taking lessons and it is fun watching them learn to skate. Maybe the next time the kids have lessons I will take lessons too? I have always wanted to do that.

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