Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Mini-Vacation

Last week the kids and I got to go out of town with Roger to Olathe KS and Washington MO. Even though we didn't spend any money to go sightseeing, the kids enjoyed swimming at the hotels, going to Bass Pro Shop, and playing at parks. We were very money conscience and did a great job of it. The company of course paid for the hotel rooms, and the hotels had free breakfasts. We bought groceries for lunch, and ate out at dinner. We rented a car to save wear and tear on our vehicle, but with the money Roger will get paid back for mileage and gas, it will pay for the rental car cost, plus I think he will make money from it all.

In Olathe we went to Bass Pro Shop twice. Roger and I both tried out shooting a bow and arrrow, and guess who did better--me! It was fun; someday I will get myself a bow and arrow. Unfortunately Roger got zinged by the bow and got a pretty bad bruise on his arm. It made him a little nervous and he wasn't sure he wanted to purchase it, but then when he saw that I did okay, he went ahead and bought it and wants to use it for hunting next year. Roger and Evan got their seafood fix by eating at Joe's Crab Shack. We also ate at Oklahome Joe's BBQ--one of the best BBQ places I have ever eaten at. Another thing to note about Olathe, it has to be the pothole city of America. Potholes were everywhere, and some were incredibly deep, I couldn't believe they had not been repaired.

In Washington, MO we were only there for one night. We found a nice Italian restaurant to eat at. During the day, the kids and I went down along the Missouri River to look around, but it was flooded. I found out that Washington was on the Lewis and Clark Trail and is in a wine valley. We went to Walmart and there was one entire grocery aisle with nothing but wine bottles. The town was beautiful. There were many parks to discover, which the kids and I did, plus some of the streets were very hilly like you would see in pictures of San Francisco. There is a tiny production plant there that is owned by the company Roger works for. He asked if he ever had the opportunity to be head of the plant if I would consider moving. This is the one place I would consider it--I loved the area that much. Washington is 30 minutes south of the interstate, and maybe that far from St. Louis.

The kids and I had not been out of town since Thanksgiving, so it was so nice to get away!!!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I know where Joe's Crab Shack is. And, yes, that part of MO is beautiful. You should see it in the fall when all the trees are turning.