Monday, May 24, 2010


Lauren's last Girl Scout meeting was last Thursday. We will be taking next year off and will think about joining the following year when she would be a Brownie. Not sure if that will happen, though. I think we will try a program called Keepers of the Faith. I've known about this program for a few years, and think I would like to try it. In this picture of her troop they are all holding bears from Build-A-Bear--their last activity they chose to spend their troop funds on.

Tonight Evan graduated from being a Cub Scout Bear to a Webelo (We Be Loyal Scouts). They had a fun way of promoting them. There was a long box that they entered wearing their former neckerchief, and on the back side there was an opening they would stop in front of, a leader would help them quickly put on their new neckerchief, and then they would come out on the other side of the box "magically" wearing their new neckerchief.

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