Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Want Chickens

Our dream (hopefully sometime in the near future) is to get a place with some acreage. Roger would like 20 acres with a little bit of woodsy area so that if a goose or deer were to walk onto our land, he could shoot it and we'd have some food. I just want enough land to have some chickens, and maybe goats some day. I love farm fresh eggs, and although I've heard chickens can make a real mess, I still want them. Here at Lake Waltanna where we live now, there are actually some goats in the stable area and I am amazed at how well they keep the grass short--nature's lawn mowers.

A few weeks ago while the kids were at their Awana program I went to hang out at the bookstore with some friends. One friend already lives on a farm (I think it's around 80 acres) and has a variety of animals to take care of. The other friend who lives in the city of Wichita discovered that she is allowed to have chickens in her back yard! What?! Really?! People are allowed to have chickens in the city of Wichita and our development of Lake Waltanna out in the country will allow horses and goats but specifically states in the by laws no chickens? NO FAIR!  Anyways, while at the bookstore, the friend with the farm took us to the magazine section and showed us the following (who knew?):


  1. You make me smile! I hope you get your chickens in the near future!!!

  2. You can have them. I got my share of them growing up. Didn't like them then. Want nothing to do with them now.